Organization Helps

Need help keeping track of your daily assignments? Try one of the options listed below:
  • Every period write in your school planner what you did in class and what you need to do when you get home. Sometimes students find when they get home they can't remember what they need to do for homework. Writing down assignments in class will help to refresh your memory. If you don't have your school planner, print out a planner sheet Here:  


  • Here is a way to get your parents and teachers in on your progress. Print a tracker and take the tracker with you to each class. You (the student) need to fill out the day, your name, your classes and what you need to do for homework. At the end of each class give your filled out tracker to your teacher to circle if you worked and if you turned in your work that day. Your teacher will also initial your planner. When you get home show your tracker to your parent, review what homework you need to do and have your parent sign your tracker.