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Eleven Ideas For Students With ADHD


1. HELP ME TO FOCUS – Please teach me through my sense of touch. I need “hands on” and body movement.

2. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT COMES NEXT – Please give me a structured environment where there is a dependable routine.

3. WAIT FOR ME, I’M STILL THINKING – Please allow me to go at my own pace. If I am rushed, I get confused and upset.

4. I’M STUCK, I CAN’T DO IT! – Please offer me options for problem solving. If the road is blocked, I need to know the detours.

5. IS IT RIGHT? I NEED TO KNOW NOW – Please give me rich and immediate feedback on how I am doing.

6. I DIDN’T FORGET, I DIDN’T HEAR IT IN THE FIRST PLACE! – Please give me directions one step at a time, and ask me to say back what I think you said.

7. I DIDN’T KNOW I WASN’T IN MY SEAT! – Please remind me to stop, think, and act.

8. AM I ALMOST DONE? – Please give me short work periods with short term goals.

9. WHAT? – Please don’t say “I already told you that.” Tell me again, in different words. Give me a signal. Draw me a symbol.

10. I KNOW IT’S ALL WRONG, ISN’T IT? – Please give me praise for partial success. Reward me for self-improvement, not just for perfection.

11. BUT WHY DO I ALWAYS GET YELLED AT? – Please catch me doing something right and praise me for the specific positive behavior. Remind me about my good points when I am having a bad day.

(Ideas taken from the Davis School District Bill of Rights for Children with ADD/HD)