SEOP/CCRP Conferences


What is a SEOP or now a CCRP?

SEOP's have been renamed and are now CCR Plans (College and Career Readiness Plans)We like to meet with all students at least one time every school year. We meet with 8th grade students and 11th grade students individually.  The meetings last about 1/2 hour. In general, we look at how the student is doing academically, emotionally and socially. We evaluate and set new goals to keep the student moving forward toward their life goals. We celebrate each student's unique contributions to our school and community. You should receive a letter in the mail that will indicate the date and time of your scheduled meeting. If the date and/or time will not work for you, please call the the school at 801-409-7000 to reschedule our meeting. It is our goal to meet with as many parents as we can.

We meet with the other students as a group during their advisory class.

Self Guided Tour of the SEOP/CCR Conference

On this tour, you can find out how to develop an education and career plan to help you reach your goals. You can also pick up useful tips on job hunting, resume writing, and interviewing techniques. Feel free to leave the tour at any time to find out more about a subject just by clicking on the link. 
SEOP Planning

SEOP/CCR Planning
1. Develop a Student Education Occupation Plan better known as anSEOP. Think about what you want to do and find out more about the kind of training, education, and skills you will need to achieve your education and career goals.

Career Interests and Work Styles Career Interests and Work Styles
2. Assess your Career Interests and Work Styles. Think hard about what you enjoy and what you are good at.
Personality Personality
3. Assess the kind of Personality you are and the values you hold.
Occupational Outlook Handbook Occupational Outlook Handbook
4. Research the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Find out more about the nature of the jobs that interest you, such as educational requirements, salary, working conditions, future outlook, and anything else that can help you narrow your focus.
America's Career InfoNet America's Career InfoNet
5. Research America's Career InfoNet for occupation information in your local area including company name, address and contact name. You can download nearly 450 career videos!
CTE Pathways CTE Pathways
6. Develop an educational plan to meet your career goals. This plan may includeCareer Pathways beginning in 9th grade. These pathways help you explore your career interest areas.
Study Skills for HS Students Study Skills for High School Students
7. Develop the transferable skills necessary for success in both school and the world of work. Review Study Skills for High School Students needed to be successful in the classroom.
Study Skills for Middle Level Students Study Skills for Middle Level Students
8. Develop the transferable skills necessary for success in both school and the world of work. Review Study Skills for Middle Level Students needed to be successful in the classroom.
Learning Styles Questionnaire Learning Styles Questionnaire
9. Review your individual learning style using the Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire.
Utah Futures
Utah Futures
10. Utah Futures is Utah's newest addition to education and career planning for students to make education and career plans on-line.  Students manage their Student Education Occupation Plans using Utah Futures by building an electronic education and career portfolio. 
Utah Futures provides multiple assessments to assist students in making post high school plans.
Go College Go College
11. Find out about national colleges and universities and trade schools. Check outGo College, College Board, or College Quest.
College Board
College Quest
Financial Aid Financial Aid
12. Find out about Financial Aid to help support you in obtaining your career goal. Review Scholarship information and register for scholarship searches at Fast Web or College Board.
Fast Web
College Board
Job Hunting Tips Job Hunting Tips
13. Learn about Job Hunting Tips as you prepare to graduate or move into the job market. Prepare your Resume, and practice Job Interviewing techniques.
Job Interviewing
Comp Guidance Logo 14. Go to your counseling guidance center or career center at your school for additional information and help on career planning.